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Name My new OC-forFeature-points-Freecommission by MarissaWalker Name My new OC-forFeature-points-Freecommission by MarissaWalker
Yes, that's right. I have no idea what to name my latest OC shown here. He's going to be a background superhero (good guy) for my comic series "Chronicles of Swift" which you can see lots of pictures for here :iconchroniclesofswift: So I am holding a competition to name him.

Winner gets a FEATURE in a journal in the group :iconchroniclesofswift: as well as  CREDIT for naming, a FREE bust greytone or pencil sketch from me of any character you want (yours fan art ect...limits, must be human) and 25 :points:  The only things you need to be eligible is to be a watcher of myself, watch the group and comment with a name suggestion and a quick one-line (minimum) reason why you chose the name.

A little bit about Mr. Blue hair:

:bulletblue: reallllllllly dry sense of humor
:bulletpink: not actually pissed off at the world...just always seems to look it and can't figure out why people keep asking if he is mad
:bulletgreen: superpower is that he is immune to the weather, he doesn't get hot or cold or dehydrated or find it hard to breath when its humid. (exceptions a strong wind will not blow him a way but a super big fan could, lightning strike wouldn't hurt him...electrical wires would but not lightning get it?)
dannytink Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Caelum Aubrey. "Caelum" means "heaven," a nod to both his color scheme and sky-related powers. "Aubrey" means something like "elf ruler" but I picked it more as a reference to aubergines (eggplants) which his eye color reminds me of. "Aubrey" also serves as a reference to Jack Aubrey of the master and commander series. Idk how weather powers made me think of nautical fiction but I think it's got a nice ring to it.
Peliga Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Fynn Aldaine

Ryder Karrington

Luca Hale

Ray England

Levi Acker

Colt Savanger

Fletcher Sykes
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January 20, 2016
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